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A recent Windham Grows graduate says:

Here at Global Village Cuisine, we were hit hard by COVID-19. Our line of ready-made meals and samosas could be found across New England in the freezer section of Whole Foods and the deli section of natural food co-ops. However, our biggest business driver was the grab ’n’ go deli section, which means we needed to do a quick pivot when COVID-19 started. The Windham Grows team was instrumental to helping us navigate the challenges, get clear on our goals, and execute strategic steps to move forward. Thanks to the work of the team at Windham Grows, we now have stronger business fundamentals than we did before this year. I’d highly recommend this program, if you’re looking for a consulting group that can balance flexibility, growth, and strong bottom line business practices.

- Wangene Hall, Head of Marketing at Global Village Cuisine


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